Week 1 Crossfit: Accomplished!

It is official. I have completed the first week of Crossfit and am completely in love with this style of workout. Initially, after the first 2 days, I thought that 4 days of training would be to much for a Crossfit “newbie” so I took Wednesday off since my hamstrings and inner thighs were on fire! I slept in and awoke feeling guilty and missed my “box” (the gym for Crossfitters for those who are unfamiliar). My legs did end up feeling much better by the end of the day and I was grateful for that.

The week ended on a high none the less. I accomplished handstand push ups (which I thought would kill me) and my overall soreness is diminishing. I am not sure if it is the scale of the workout or the protein I am taking after my workout these last 2 days. Next week will be the test. After much research and debating and taste testing, I settled on the BSN Syntha-6 Isolate with the IgY Recovery protein mixed together and shaken with water. Initially, I thought that the protein mixed with water would be gross. However, it is quite tasty! Its not heavy, the calories are reduced, and it is much easier to drink within the time required post workout. I may do a review on these after I try out some of the other flavors and I have had time to use it over a longer period of time.

A couple of days ago I posted my starting photos. With this, I should have posted my stats as well. So, let me do this now before I get to far in and forget:

Starting Stats as of March 18, 2013

  • Weight: 136
  • Bust: 34″
  • Natural Waist: 27.5″
  • Lower Waist: 33″
  • Hips: 37″

Not to happy with these, but this is the reason why I am on my journey to the new me! I will post an update once a month with pictures. Other than that, I do need to fit more running into my schedule. This weekend, on Sunday, I have a 5k road race. It has been a goal of mine lately to run at least one 5k every month. This is in preparation for the 10k obstacle course mud run that I am doing in May called the Merrell Down and Dirty at the Miami Zoo. This brings me to another new development that occurred this week!

I use to have this list that I wanted to accomplish by time I was 30. Well, that age that seemed so far away is right around the corner in September! Yes, I am turning the big 3-0 this year and it seems like just yesterday that I was graduating high school. But anyways, that is a different story! I have always wanted to run a half marathon and wanted to do it before I turn 30. Well, due to time and my past laziness and lack of support, I never did it and it was put aside. Blah, blah, blah. . . So I did it. . . I registered for the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete, Fl this November 24. Yes, it is after my birthday, but I like that it is all women and in my home town. I registered before so that should count right!? Right!

In any case, I have to finish my 10k training and then move on to my half marathon training. I have about 170 days before the official start date of training for that though. Plenty of time to buff up and lean out!

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