First step: New Me via Crossfit

So it has been a bit since my first and last post, but I am back! I decided to undertake the torture of Crossfit in search of the strength and image that I am trying to achieve. My friend, let us call her Claire, first asked me to do this with her since we both signed up for a 10k (my first) mud obstacle course run in a couple of months. This was her way of preparing for it! Crossfit has always been a intrigue for me but I never could find the time between my son and daughter, school, a full time job, and a boyfriend. However, my amazingly wonderful boyfriend has been a saving grace. He offered to watch the kids and get them to school in the mornings so that I can go to a Crossfit class at 6am during the week. So, this means as of this last Monday, we are making a commitment to 4 days a week of Crossfit insanity!

What seemed like a doable feat after the Saturday we had our free class, we quickly realized that while we can do 4 days a week, we may need to break them up with a rest day in the middle. We were so sore after Monday and Tuesday classes! I understand that this type of training tends to leave you sore each day, but neither of us could walk all that well. It does not help that we are both competitive and tend to push hard every time we are there. So we took a much needed rest day this morning and will be back at it tomorrow.

With this new workout, also comes the before and after pictures! While I may be crazy to want to post this to the world, I convince myself that many will never see this, and it will hold me more accountable to my results. So, without further waiting . . .

20 Mar 2013

View from the front. Why am I looking all crazy!

20 Mar 2013
View from the side

Okay. I know I am not fat, but, I have a mommy pouch (nicely hidden by the large waistband of my shorts!) and I could use some toning. Running has been a “drug” of choice since the divorce and it has served me well. However, I want to be strong too. My ex husband was very vocal about me never developing muscle tone because he did not like it. So the new me, will be the me I want to see! I will need to up date you later with the beginning measurements so you can see a truly in full transformation. These will come tomorrow. Good night!

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