A little belated, but . . .

. . . here goes nothing! So it’s been a year of ends and beginnings, ups and downs, new friends found and old lost. I never thought that I would be that 50% statistic. I never thought my path would lead to divorce in the end, but it did. I never thought I would become a single parent, but I did. I never thought I would completely lose a relationship with a sister and a mother. . . but I did. Despite everything, I find myself making new friends, finding new family, and perhaps the worlds greatest man. After all is said and done, I do not regret a single day of the past because without it, my present would not be the same. 

That is what this blog will be. It will become a tribute to my phrase, my mantra, “Live without regret”, no matter what. You have to learn from mistakes to become a better person since no one is perfect and that is what I am doing. I am improving my life through faith, friends, exercise, and living out loud. 

It’s funny how life seems to come full circle. My childhood seems to have circled back around and I am in the same life style (fun wise) as I was back then. I have re-found a love for fishing and that is all thanks to “a great guy” named Brent. Yes! A great guy as his siblings jokingly dub him! All in all, it is true. He is helping me on my path to me and doing an excellent job. 

This year, I turn 30. The big 3-0. A completely new chapter in my life and I want to go into it the best way I can. Call it a pre mid life crisis if you will, but I am starting anew. This means a new adventure in taking on Crossfit and marking a few things off my bucket list before September. Here’s to me!

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